Industrial oil filtration, offline oil filtration

Oil Filters installed in a large variety of industrial segments like automotive, quench works, steel works etc. 

CJC Filter Inserts

CJC Fine Filters

CJC Filter Seperators

CJC Desorbers

CJC Lube Oil Filters

CJC Oil Absorb System

HJ Lubricators

HJ Sip Lubricators

RMF Offline Filters

RMF Bypass Filters

Filter Elements

Solution For Your Problem

System Solutions for

miscellaneous industry
Food industry
Machine tools
mobile machinery
hydraulic manufacturer
quench work
hydraulic presses


  • Keeps your machinery & tools fit for operation.
  • Maintain high process stability, efficiency and output.
  • Reduce risk of unplanned breakdowns, maintenance, outages, penalties.
  • Extend lubrication and hydraulic oil lifetime with a factor 3-4.
  • Ensure high output and maintain process stability.
  • Reduce risk of unplanned production stops. 
  • Keep machines efficient and reliable. 
  • Ensure product quality & document product quality.
  • Keep oil maintenance at the lowest possible cost, by extending life of oil and machine components.
  • Protect your investment.
  • Optimise availability & output of the power plant.
  • Reduce risk of steam turbine repairs. 
  • Reduced maintenance costs.