Verlago solutions for the Industry

Verlago's main sector is the Industrial world, having installed industrial oil filtration systems in the following domains

  • Aluminium presses
  • Food industry
  • Hydraulic presses
  • Machine tools
  • Paper & pulp
  • Recycling
  • Miscellaneous industry

and in general all industrial plants that utilize hydraulic equipment, gears or bearings in their production.

Improve your uptime – avoid problems with hydraulic components

Our team has more than 15 year of experience installing C.C.JENSEN industrial oil filtration systems in Greece and the Balkan region. Our expertise will help your production plant give the highest output through all your hydraulic components.

Industry Challenges

Most hardware used in production have a basic oil filtering mechanism. As a result, after some period, oils become dry that can lead to expensive down time, loss of efficiency in production output and lower quality products. If the oil in the hydraulic system is not clean, then you will experience wear on the hydraulic components and unplanned standstills in production. If you do not keep the oil free from oxidation residues, then you risk much shorter lifetime of the oil and sticking valves during start-up. All lead to increased downtime and higher cost of operation.

Our solutions

Installing an offline oil filtration systems is the most efficient solution for all types of industrial machinery. At Verlago, we recommend installing CJC® Oil Filter solutions, that assures best results, as documented the past 60 years in business and on thousands of industrial installations around Greece, the Balkans and the world.

  • Ensure high output and maintain process stability
  • Reduce risk of unplanned production stops
  • Keep machines efficient and reliable
  • Keep oil maintenance at the lowest possible cost, by extending life of oil and machine components