Marine and Offshore solutions from Verlago

Marine & offshore

Marine and offshore is a key sector for Verlago's business where we provide oil filtration solutions for a number of customers and in various fields.

  • Bulk Carriers
  • Container vessels
  • Fishing vessels
  • Passenger, Ferries & Ro-Ro vessels
  • Offshore shipping
  • Supply vessels
  • Tankers
  • Tugs
Improve your engine up-time and extend oil lifetime

There is nothing worse than oil-related problems on your engine. Not only they can bring delays on time-critical shipments or add up costs, most importantly they can lead to life-threating situations.

We can help you reduce oil-related problems on your hydraulic components, bearings, gears, cranes etc. and improve your up-time.

Having continuous oil maintenance installed, you reduce oil-related problems on your engine, thrusters, bearings, gears, winches, cranes etc.

Depending on the applications, our technical experts can suggest multiple solutions, from several manufactures that meet your quality standards on oil filtration, in many different marine and offshore applications.